Solar Power

Our esteemed customers can profit from us high performing Solar Power Plant. Intended to flawlessness, Solar Power Plant is cost effective and guarantee superior. We offer Solar Power Plant in various specialized details with the end goal to meet dissimilar requests of the customers.


  • Small-scale controller/DSP settled the plan
  • Sun oriented PV backward voltage security
  • Electronic overcurrent changing security
  • Takes "zero" current from information flag if sunlight based power is existing.
  • Zero mechanical association for change controller.
  • Offers control from the sun-powered body in reinforcement mode.
  • Over-burden, Low Batt, Short-CKT and multi arrange control movement.
  • Cost-proficient AC to DC transmutation.
  • Sun based Charge controller established on innovation chop down power
  • Programmed Reset Feature
  • Repetitive circuit box available at the backboard
  • Advantages of a Solar Power Plant:

    • Advantages of a Solar Power Plant:
    • A decrease in the expense of power bills.
    • Increment the value of the property.
    • Choose new income from new rooftop space.
    • Support against climbing utility rates.
    • Chop down reliance on remote oil.
    • State and Local - Rebates and Tax Incentives.
    • Augment rooftop guarantee.
    • Chop down carbon follow.
    • Useful impacts on your locale by making clean vitality.