Palm Kernel Shell

Our association has effectively extended its business in the market as a confided in producer and provider of Palm Kernel Shell. It is an appealing sustainable power source fuel for some, enterprises like concoction, nourishment, and concrete. The shell portions left after the nut has been evacuated in the wake of pulverizing in the oil process. This shell bit is a stringy material with the simple taking care of and guarantees productive utilize. It has low dampness content and is appreciated for delivering a high measure of warmth vitality. Palm Kernel Shell is a sinewy material and can be effortlessly taken care of in mass straightforwardly from the product offering to the end utilize. We offer this shell at reasonable costs to customers.


  • Low dampness content
  • Restricted organic action
  • An expanded timeframe of realistic usability
  • Has low natural movement
  • Guarantees no unsafe outflows
  • Simple dealing with and squashing